I believe that you are only as good as your tools and knowledge is power. That is why I only use Redken. Science, fashion, inspiration is the triad of philosophy behind the genius and integrity of this phenomenal hair color. Redken is principle based, which simply means to the client that with an educated colorist you have a reliable color that keeps your hair in amazing condition. My promise to you as a Redken specialist & certified colorist, is to keep you looking your best by keeping myself and my staff updated & educated along with Redken products, always on the cutting edge of technology. I look forward to every opportunity, whether it be with a client coloring her hair for the first time or designing a new and fresh idea for my ever changing fashonistas!” - Susie


*Guests who no call-no show will be charged a $25 fee before they can schedule future appointments.
*For your child's safety and to provide an atmosphere of relaxation for all our guests, please refrain from bringing children under the age of 8 to your appointment.